The Birth of Kent

First of all, we want to thank you so much for stopping by Kent !

This company was born as a means of self-therapy for my husband and I.

After becoming engaged, we moved into my parents' basement to save money for our future life together and wax melts helped us make the space more of our own.

Living in an old basement, without meaning to sometimes there's a musk, I know you know what I mean. We used incense, candles, and finally we started using wax melts. When I found myself on a hunt for a variety of wax melt scents and sizes, I decided to teach myself how to make melts from scratch. But when life got busy, it was my husband who would pick up our wax melt loving torch, and ask me to show him melt making ropes, and really it was up from there !

While conquering mental health issues, my husband used wax melts as a form of self-therapy, mixing various scents together to make his own personal aromatherapy supply of wax melts. Every melt we make is handcrafted and scented by my husband in what we refer to as The Waxery. Each melt scent is named something fitting, or random, based on the scents inspiration, its scent notes, or a random fact or piece of information learned or thought of that day.

Without intending to, my husband sold his first bars of wax when a friend was over and could not resist the scent ! This is when the figurative lightbulb would go off...queue the birth of Kent !

So now, here we are in the big world, offering you all the scents we use to make our own home feel more homey, to help you make your home feel more homey.

Everything you will every melt in your home, is melted in ours. And this is why we will always strive to provide you with top-shelf scents that will have all your guests walking into your house saying "mmmm."

~ With love and good vibes,

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